Ansbad offers customized solutions for the day-to-day management of your company’s systemsall for the same price as your daily cup of coffee.

Our system maintenance and support service

Ansbad provides quality system maintenance, on both a proactive and reactive basis. We aim for peak system performance, ensuring that the company’s systems operate as intended, and continuously seeking out the best technological solution.

Through a commitment-free inspection of your system’s infrastructure, we detect areas to improve and propose the most appropriate end-to-end tech solutions that suit your current and future needs.

The key to success

We use a completely different method of technical support than what you might find at other companies. Instead of waiting for you to discover problems and call us, we are proactive in detecting these problems before they turn into more serious issues. This saves you hours of frustrating loss of time, while also providing you with the most compelling computer support solutions.

This can only be achieved through the formula: work methodology + quality tools + committed team + tailored solution, providing your system maintenance with an added plus to set you apart from your competitors.

In addition, all of our solutions include the option of a free trial for x days, so that you can try them out with no obligation.

What we offer

The solutions we offer are divided into three sections, comprising the essential factors to ensure complete coverage of your company systems:


1-. Server Management Solution.

We offer a four-unit ‘Server Management’ solution that covers the four most crucial IT tasks, including checking your systems every morning before the start of work in order to detect problems before – not after – they affect business.

What makes our service so special is that it is customizable to your company’s current needs, offering an overall solution combining all four units and providing maximum protection to reduce downtime, or fine-tuning the system until the desired service level is reached.

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2.- Management Desktop Solution.

How would your business operate without access to your computers or laptops? If the system stops, how would your business be affected? We offer a Desktop Management solution that checks your workstations every morning before the start of the workday in order to detect problems before – not after – they affect your business.

Our system maintenance service consists of three independent units that can be combined for total peace of mind and improved performance.

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1.- Web Protection Solution.

Internet security that goes beyond all expectations. Solid, versatile, and easy to implement, it keeps your systems protected and allows your networks to run at optimal capacity.

Web Protection allows you to control, monitor, and apply user Internet guidelines for various purposes, including:

  • Applying browsing rules based on time periods and policies for filtering content.
  • Controlling use of the bandwidth via alerts.
  • Applying a schedule for accessing websites that are unrelated to work outside of business hours.
  • Protecting the company from legal liabilities and reducing the risk of a security breach.

Web Protection consists of three independent units that can be combined together to customize the solution.

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2.- Managed Security Solution

This system management solution protects against internal and external data breaches through an effective and affordable solution.

It protects your safety against:

  • Virus attacks
  • Unauthorized system attacks
  • Email attacks
  • Data theft and data loss
  • Downtime

The consequences of data theft can be significant, especially for small and medium-sized companies.

Managed Security offers three independent units that can be combined together to increase your protection, keeping your business safe and helping you rest easy.

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3.- Managed Backups Solution.

Our Managed Backups solution offers all the guarantees you need to ensure that your data is safe outside of your facilities and reduces risks of fire, flood or overload, which can damage your servers or infrastructure.

Our aim is to provide an IT support solution for your company through a program infrastructure and external server hosted in datacenters, with guaranteed custom security encryption.

Perform online backups of your corporate content: email backup, software programs, database, complete server systems, workstations, and anything else that is essential for your day-to-day operations.

This will provide lots of benefits to your company, including:

  • Unattended backup system.
  • Instant availability of any backed up file.
  • Support for all file types.
  • Ability to work remotely with any backup and independently operate your networks and business continuity.

Managed Backups consists of three independent units that can be added together over time to fully protect your data based on your company’s specific needs.

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1.- Managed Mobile Solution.

With our Managed Mobile solution, we can help manage the use of mobile devices both inside and outside the workplace, thereby preventing the loss of devices, controlling costs, and enabling your staff to work more quickly, efficiently and flexibly.

Using our solution, you can:

  • Perform a complete inventory of devices.
  • Save money by using devices more efficiently.
  • Establish a consistent focus for managing devices.
  • Block and remotely establish access codes.
  • Protect against the loss or theft of your devices and safeguard your company’s data.

With new devices appearing on the market every day, you need to keep your company ahead of the competition and manage your devices more effectively.

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Internal IT Support

Ansbad can offer internal IT Support solutions, through our Management Networks & Desktop software.

With our software, you will have a wide range of tools to use for system management and administration, with maximum convenience and efficiency, from the resolution of incidents that can occur, anywhere, to monitoring the company’s latest device, in just a few seconds.

This will equip the IT Department with the ability to reduce incidents (proactively) and quickly intervene (correctively), thus offering excellent customer service at a very affordable cost.

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IT Maintenance for Companies

Ansbad offers two custom-tailored IT maintenance plans that can be fully adapted to your needs:

  • Voucher x hours:

    Vouchers do not expire. You pay for what you use for any corrective technical support service, technology strategy consulting, and tech solutions. Once your hours have been used up, you can renew by paying for x additional hours.

  • Fixed monthly fee:
    Fixed fee that covers preventive and corrective issues. In other words, we provide a minimum number of hours of preventive computer support and maintenance, technology strategy consulting, and the design of end-to-end tech solutions.
The corrective portion covers tech support for day-to-day incidents that may occur within the network, all of which is included in a fixed monthly fee.


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