The excellence of a structured cabling system

Good past system designs form the basis for getting the best system installation. We keep this in mind when starting a structured cabling system, whether building one from scratch or working with an existing system.

All of our structured cabling projects come with a system certification. This is important to remember when considering other suppliers, because it guarantees not only a good system installation, but also proper follow-up in the event of any subsequent problems.

Process for a quality structured wiring project

Our meticulous work methodology when designing and installing a new system ensures top performance at all levels, thereby improving company performance without being inundated with problems via data and voice traffic.

To ensure good system design and subsequent quality installation, Ansbad follows a step-by-step process:

a ) Visit to your company’s facilities

A system design technician will visit your company’s facilities to gather all the information needed for future or improved system installation

b ) Structured cabling project preparation

The compiled information is then analyzed and processed by the system designer and the department specialist (in this case, a structured cabling installations specialist). They identify the major options to implement, depending on the site characteristics and requirements. This process is followed up with a system installation estimate/budget detailing the options and fees, which can always be adjusted according to your technological and economical needs.

c ) Structured cabling project presentation

The system installation project is presented, explaining the chosen system design options and conclusions, plus answering any questions or concerns that arise.

System installation maintenance

From installing the system from scratch to the structured cabling project or improving a pre-existing system installation, we offer follow-up maintenance to ensure optimal performance, with a maintenance plan adapted to suit your needs.


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